HUPO 2021 World Congress

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Prof. Max Crispin

Prof. Max Crispin: United Kingdom
Categories: Main Congress Speakers

Max Crispin is Professor of Glycobiology at the University of Southampton where he leads the Glycoprotein Therapeutics Laboratory. He trained under Prof. Raymond Dwek and Prof. Pauline Rudd at the Oxford Glycobiology Institute, and Ian Wilson at The Scripps Research Institute. He did post-doctoral work in Oxford with Prof. Sir David Stuart and Prof. Yvonne Jones in the Division of Structural Biology, and then with Dr Chris Scanlan. His main area of research is in glycobiology and the structural biology of glycoproteins, and has current research programmes in therapeutic antibodies and viral glycobiology. Max is Professor Adjunct at Scripps Research and a Supernumerary Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.