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Prof. Markus Ralser

Prof. Markus Ralser: Germany
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Markus Ralser, Prof. Dr. Mag. (*1980), Einstein Professor of Biochemistry, is a leading scientist in the field of cellular metabolism and high-throughput mass spectrometry. His laboratory focuses on dissecting the biochemical and evolutionary logic of metabolism. He has made significant contributions in understanding how cellular metabolism is controlled at the scale of the genome, and how cells reconfigure metabolism to survive stress situations. The Ralser Lab is further known for its work in high throughput proteomics, a technological development driven by the need to understand metabolic networks in which hundreds of enzymes interact through interconverting an even higher number of metabolites. M. Ralser is currently the head of Charité’s Institute of Biochemistry, and a senior Group leader at the Francis Crick Institute in London. With a PhD background in Neuroscience, Markus started his independent scientific career as a Junior group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics. In 2011, he then moved to the Cambridge Centre for Systems Biology and the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, and later, the Francis Crick Institute. Markus Ralser is the recipient of several notable science awards which included two ERC grants (Starting grant, Synergy grant), the Wellcome Beit Prize, the BioMed Central Research Award, the Colworth Medal of the Biochemical Society, the Starling Medal of the Endocrinological Society, and the EMBO Gold Medal. He is an EMBO Member.