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Prof. Bernhard Kuester

Prof. Bernhard Kuester: Germany
Categories: Main Congress Speakers

Bernhard is a chemist by training and holds a PhD in biochemistry from Oxford University. Before joining the Technical University of Munich (TUM) as a Full Professor of Proteomics , he was Vice President at Cellzome (now GSK). At TUM, he serves as the Director of the Bavarian Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Center and Vice Dean Information Management of the School of Life Sciences. His research follows three major themes: i) mapping proteomes, ii) understanding how drugs work and iii) building ProteomeTools. The work of his team has been awarded the Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award of HUPO and an ERC Advanced Grant. Bernhard is a Carl von Linde Senior Fellow of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study and was recently elected to the German National Academy of Science. Bernhard has co-founded two start-up companies that operate in the areas of proteomics and artificial intelligence.