HUPO 2021 World Congress

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Dr. Yves Vandenbrouck

Dr. Yves Vandenbrouck: France
Categories: Pre Congress Speakers

Dr. Yves Vandenbrouck has been working at the BioHealth Department (CEA, University of Grenoble, FR) as PI, in close collaboration with both a proteomics infrastructure, data scientists and biologists/clinicians. His research interests focuses on the design of bioinformatics tools and strategies to leverage the ever-increasing wealth and diversity of “omics” data for biomarkers discovery and the elucidation of biological processes underlying human diseases (orcid: 0000-0002-1292-373X). For many years, Yves has been active in the HUPO community by contributing to the Human Proteome Project and as a co-founder of the “Bioinformatics Hub”. He is also involved in community efforts such as the European Elixir proteomics initiative, which aims at disseminating proteomics data analysis pipelines, and the “Galaxy for Mass Spectrometry” workgroup. During this session, Yves will introduce ProteoRE, a Galaxy-based instance for the interpretation of proteomics data for biomedical research.